Leadership & Management

The Glasscock School offers multiple courses and exam preparation programs to enhance your management skills to drive your professional career.

Our management courses prepare professionals in the nonprofit sector and the business world. The Glasscock School is your trusted source for high-quality education in exam preparation, recertification and professional development.


Certified Facility Manager® (CFM)

Rice University has partnered with IFMA to offer the first and only online university course that helps you prepare for the Certified Facility Manager exam.

CoachRICE: A Leadership Coaching Program

Certify your coaching expertise at one of the top academic institutions in the U.S. CoachRICE: A Leadership Coaching Program is a 60- hour, ICF-accredited program that helps develop and expand leadership coaching skills.

CoachRICE: A Mentor Coaching Program

Open to individuals who have completed 60 coach-specific training hours, take the next step toward earning your International Coaching Federation (ICF) credential with Rice University.

Creating and Sustaining an Inclusive Workplace

Diverse and inclusive workplace cultures support greater employee engagement, innovation and productivity. This interactive workshop explores why that is and how teams can achieve higher performance through inclusivity.

Fundamentals of Project Management

Designed for business professionals who need a fast tracked and hands-on introduction to project management principles and techniques, learn how to deliver results effectively and consistently by initiating and planning projects, building effective teams, leading teams to execute projects and controlling performance to ensure business value is delivered.

Leading Self, Teams, and Systems Certificate

This certificate provides a holistic approach to a lifelong leadership development practice. We start with the premise that leadership must begin with you, requires mobilizing and engaging others to do difficult work, and produces positive change in systems, communities, and organizations.

Leading Self: Your DiSC Leadership Style

In this course, participants will take the DiSC™ assessment to understand their communication and work styles.

Leading Teams: High Performing Teams

Through interactive activities, discover how to diagnose and address challenging competencies and leverage team strengths.

Professional Effectiveness: Self-Awareness in the Workplace

Explore methods of managing emotions, thoughts and strategies for personal and professional interactions and reviews the long and short-term implications of building a fulfilling career.

Project Management Professional

Establish yourself as a globally-recognized project manager by earning the most sought-after credential in the profession with Rice University's exam preparation course.

Strategic Project Management

Discover how to apply strategic thinking to step beyond traditional project management and fulfill overarching business goals in this short course.

The Art and Practice of Influencing Without Authority

Practice how to influence and gain support from others beyond the responsibilities inherent to your job’s position or title. Be prepared to challenge your assumptions on what it really means to create positive change.